Wholesale Inquiries

Whether you've got a storefront, a therapeutic practice or just a large family, you may purchase BlissPillows for resale or gifting at a reduced price simply by selecting cases in increments of six. I even allow a case to include a 3/3 mix of conventional and high-end fabrics. Pay $21 or $24 each, depending on covers. If your first order is two cases or greater, I add a thirteenth for a bakers' dozen... keep that one or sell for profit!
SIX of OG cotton or other eco or high-end: regular size
SIX Conventional cotton or man-made fiber: regular size

Mixed case of THREE high-end and THREE conventional BlissPillows in regular size


Refill kit: 1/2 pillow's volume OG millet hull fill, needle and thread, seam ripper