The markets are the best place to see and handle BlissPillows: with a hundred or more on display, you'll find one just the right firmness
or softness for you. I recommend at least one for every family member, to prevent
the "fighting over the pillow" I hear about
so frequently       ; )
...I'm always on the lookout for suitable stores/markets/events...
Please let me know if you've got one in mind... or direct them here!
Northwest Crossing
Saturday Markets:
10am to 2pm SATURDAYS
Begins June 17, 2017
Fort Clatsop Street, off Mt.Washington Dr. Bend, OR
Ends September 16
Central Oregon Locavore:
10am to 4pm SAT & SUN and
10am to 6pm TUE-FRI
Cosmic Depot:
10am to 7pm DAILY