Why BlissPillow?

Hull-filled pillows have long been used all over the world for therapeutic support, relief from stiffness and soreness of the neck and shoulders and they may also help relieve and prevent headaches: millet’s high level of silicic acid (predominately present in the hull and stem, three times more than in whole wheat) has been noted for many years. Some suggest that when released through body heat, this natural analgesic can soothe muscle pain, stimulate the metabolism and improve the immune system. Sometimes, customers have returned to announce their migrane-freedom!

Millet is perhaps the original cultivated of the oldest foods known to humans. Millet is praised for being one of the least allergenic and most digestible grains available. It was used during Biblical times to make bread and has been used in Africa, Russia, Japan and China as a staple food for thousands of years and was also grown by the lake dwellers of Switzerland during the Stone Age. Currently, an inventor in India is crafting it into edible cutlery!

Millet's hulls are nature's protection from insects, molds and mildew, therefore, millet hulls are considered to be dust mite-, mold- and mildew- resistant... making millet hulls a naturally clean, hypo-allergenic pillow filling.

SO, since there've been millet-hull-filled pillows since the Dawn of Civilization, what makes MINE such a valuable addition to your life? Firstly, I researched many
hull fill possibilities in the mid-1990s until I discovered my (secret) supplier
of organically grown millet hulls here in the US. His are the purest, lightest, cleanest available and I've looked no further. Secondly, as an appreciative 
artist, I offer a vast selection of beautiful fabrics including many
Eco-Conscious choices in hemp, bamboo, tencel, vintage and organic.
Finally, the size most consider "regular" is what I call "double" because that's
the original size I was NOT comfortable with traveling/carrying/packing.
Mine (approximately 9.5"x15") are imminently portable and versatile
with a washable, slip-free cover! Millet hulls are uniquely able to withstand occasional laundering, as well, without being removed from case! Dry thoroughly.