You can get around quickly without an automobile. Bikes can save our planet: only our breath for emissions, reduced obesity, reduced traffic, reduced demand for steel, glass, oil and mood-enhancers... give your bike another try! Wear a helmet.

More About Bliss

Since a trusted chiropractor switched me to a buckwheat-hull pillow after sustaining a bicycling neck injury, I became healed and hooked on the flexible, airy support produced by hull fill. Naturally hypo-allergenic and grown rather than manufactured, I could never go back to conventional pillows.

That first prescription pillow (yes, they've got an insurance code)  was about double the size of my current BlissPillows, which were created as a solution to the difficulty traveling with that beloved but bulky one.

Snug, removable, washable covers in a vast array of choices ensure long life and ongoing cleanliness, while this compact shape means you'll always be able to find room to bring Bliss along (and be the envy of other uncomfortable travelers). You'll find my prices in line with other hull-filled products… no one's ever been less than delighted with theirs  = )
Not naturally-freckled, these are mud splatters from a wintery bike commute ;- )