for a more comfortable world
The markets are the best place to see and handle BlissPillows: with a hundred or more on display, you'll find one just the right firmness
or softness for you. I recommend at least one for every family member, to prevent
the "fighting over the pillow" I hear about
so frequently       ; )

News and Events

This website is the best way to find BlissPillows in the off-season!
Please tell your friends where they can now find us...
I've not been idle over the winter and have selected many choice fabrics for this summer!
...I'm always on the lookout for suitable stores/markets/events...
Please let me know if you've got one in mind... or direct them here!
Northwest Crossing Saturday Markets:
10am to 2pm SATURDAYS
Begins June 25, 2016
Fort Clatsop Street, off Mt.Washington Dr. Bend, OR
Ends September 24, 2016